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A little help here..

Hi guys,

I have very basic sign language, which I use when working with the Autistic Teenagers at one of my jobs. My cllients are generally non verbal, but I can get by using words.

I just took on a long term contract with the School Board that I also work for and the child that I will be working mostly 1:1 is deaf, and becomes aggressive when he is misunderstood (which I get) He is in kindergarten, so I'm sure he isn't signing a marathon yet, but I'm slightly worried that the sign language that I have won't be enough. I do plan on inquiring about using PEC Symbols with this child as a secondary form of communication, which I am very excited about implementing for him... but I want to really brush up on my signs, and was wondering if anyone could recommend websites for learning some new, basic signs that could relate to school activities etc.

I'm really nervous, and I don't want to fail this child. He is also a potential flight risk, so again I would like to keep the frustration to a minimum for him, because I don't enjoy chasing children.

Thanks for your support!
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