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Babies who sign

Last night I was at a Christmas party. I was bored and had no one to talk to, and then I noticed that the host's granddaughter Maxie (a little over a year old) was watching me, so just for fun I signed to her, "Hi, Maxie" in case she knew baby sign. Well, after I did that she latched on to me for the rest of the party! My ASL is pretty rusty because I haven't used it for years, but I remembered enough signs to keep Maxie entertained for awhile. She kept going up to the food and signing "More food" and then when her mother gave her some food she signed "thank you," except she signed it to me instead of to her mother!
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I've got a 3 week old and unfortunately our local association wasn't able to find an instructor in the months leading up to her birth. Any suggestions on resources my wife and I can use to teach/learn baby sign?

I suggest checking at your local library. There are lots of "baby sign" books in the local library where I live, but I also know people who have taught signs to their children using basic ASL textbooks rather than books specific to baby sign.
When my half-sister was born, the doctors were afraid she was going to be half-deaf so my stepmother taught her baby sign.

Your story is really cute. \o/
Oh that sounds to cute....Babies signing is the most adorable thing in the world...
That is so cute!

When my daughter was born, we tried to teach her to sign. We even took her to classes. It was ultimately an exercise in futility, as the only sign she ever learned to (or was willing to) use specifically to communicate with us consistently was "milk." For obvious reasons, I think. XD

She was an early talker, though, and has always been a very happy and content and easily entertained child, so she wouldn't really have picked up signing due to any feeling of NEED to communicate better than she could... and her mother and I are not proficient enough to consistently reinforce it. So alas... not to be, I guess, until she's a bit older and we're less frazzed with the trillion other things we have to do. :P
She really seemed to get the signs. She wasn't really talking yet, but she definitely knew how to sign! It was so cute. Probably the best thing about that party. (I don't normally enjoy parties, and I'm not sure why I bothered going to it in the first place!)